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It is the goal of our funeral home to assist you in planning every detail of your chosen funeral arrangements. Our counselors are familiar with the amenities and services available throughout the region as well as the specific offerings of our firm. Please don't hesitate to request whatever personal touches or specialized services you and your family might wish to include.

Flowers and Charitable Donations

After you have selected a casket, you may wish to also record your preference of flowers. In this way you can provide that flowers placed on the casket will compliment its beauty. If you prefer that memorial gifts be made to a favorite charity, in lieu of flowers, this information should also be recorded.

Religious Ceremonies

Religious faith can provide much comfort at the time of a death. In planning ahead, it may be meaningful to express your preferences for religious ceremonies or rituals, in that fulfilling these wishes for you might hold a special significance for those who are left behind.

Military and Fraternal Tributes

If you belong to a military or fraternal organization, you may wish to have such membership recognized at the time of your funeral. By making a record of this, you help others to fulfill your personal wishes for a funeral that more fully honors you and the kind of life you have lived. Such tributes are particularly satisfying for loved ones.


Music is certainly a personal and individual art form. Perhaps you have a favorite hymn or other song you wish to include in your funeral arrangements. Here again, music that reminds loved ones of your unique personality or lifestyle can contribute much to a positive funeral experience.

Time and Location

Our funeral home offers flexibility in establishing times and locations for various aspects of the funeral services. If you wish to have a ceremony conducted in a favorite place such as a nature retreat, or, if a certain time of day appeals to you most, record this information so that your loved ones will know. Our firm is happy to work with families in making special arrangements of this kind, at the time of need.

Costs and Payment

Due to the wide range of services and merchandise offered by our firm, it is impossible to state what funeral will cost in general terms. One of the most satisfying peace of mind benefits of planning ahead is knowing the arrangements you make are aligned with your financial circumstances.

Your funeral planning counselor will prepare and itemized list of costs for all services and merchandise you choose. Many people refund their arrangements in order to relieve loved ones of future financial burden. The Forethought program offers a variety of payment options, through a life insurance policy designed for Forethought Life Insurance Company, which your counselor can explain. A further benefit of the Forethought plan is the ability to freeze funeral costs at today's prices thus avoiding future price increases due to inflation.

Your Emergency Information

The following information will provide you with the things you need to plan ahead with your biographical information and funeral preferences. We recommend you write down the following information to be serve as an available reference for you family and others who are legally responsible for settling your estate. Keep the information in a safe place, label it as needed, and tell the appropriate people where it can be found. A safe deposit box is NOT recommended, since it is usually not accessible immediately following the depositor's death. Our funeral home will also be glad to maintain a copy of these records in our files. It is advisable to complete these records as clearly and fully as possible at the present time.

You are also wise to review this information periodically to make any changes or update that may be required.

Biographical Information:

FULL NAME: First, Middle, Last.

ADDRESS: Street, City, State, Zip, Telephone, Resident since:, Citizen of (Country).

PLACE OF BIRTH: City, County, State, Zip, Date of Birth (Month, Day, Year), Social Security Number, Occupation, Employed By:, Previous Occupation (If retired), Marital Status, Spouses Maiden Name, Name of Father, His place of birth and year, Mother's Maiden Name, Her place of birth and year, Religious Affiliation.

EDUCATION: Elementary, High School, College.

NAMES OF CHILDREN: Name, City, State, Zip, Telephone for each child.

MILITARY SERVICE: Branch, Rank, Date of Enlistment, Date of Discharge, Location of Discharge, Serial Number



RELATIVES AND FRIENDS TO NOTIFY: Name and relationship, City, State, Zip, Telephone.

Funeral Arrangements:

FUNERAL HOME TO CONTACT: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone.




RELIGIOUS SERVICES: Officiating Clergyman, Telephone.


FRATERNAL SERVICES: Contact Person, Telephone.







CEMETERY ARRANGEMENTS: Name of cemetery, Address, City, State, Zip,

Telephone, Location of Deed, Plot in Name of, Section, Plot Number, Block.


Financial Information:

WILL: Location of Will, Name of Executor, Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone, Name of Attorney, Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone, Name of Accountant, Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone.

BANK ACCOUNTS: Bank(s), Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone, Checking and Account Number, Savings and Account Number. (List for all banks and accounts). Location of Passbook(s).

INSURANCE POLICIES: Insurance Advisor, Company, Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone (List this for all policies).

SECURITIES: Investment Advisor, Company, Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone, Stocks, Bonds, Certificates of Deposit, Real Estate, IRA or Keogh Plan, Location of Certificates.

OTHER VALUABLES: Antiques, Locations, Jewelry, Locations, Artwork, Locations.

SAFE DEPOSIT BOX: Locations of Box(es), Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone, Box Number, Location of Key(s).

LOCATION OF OTHER VALUABLE DOCUMENTS: Copies of Will, Birth Certificates, Children's Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate, Real Estate Deeds, Mortgages and Notes, Income Tax Records, Military Discharge Papers, Automobile Registrations.

BENEFIT ENTITLEMENTS: Social Security, Fraternal, Teacher's Retirement, Veteran's Administration, Pensions, Railroad Retirement, Other.

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